Project C-Way aims to create an universal 2D games development platform for many different devices at once. A platform that would allow simple level creation, self-adjustment of resources, and usage of templates that will allow even faster game creation, even for people without any programming knowledge. Additionally, C-Way plans to introduce a new level of gaming interactions - between different devices and different systems, between people 1000 miles apart and between classmates with different handhelds. Simple editors, rich creation options, and friendly interface guarantee that making games will be as easy as it has never been.

     C-Way is not a simple project; its complexity and innovation is unmatched by currently used engines . Therefore, we are more than happy that QubicGames will be researching C-Way in cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology and that C-Way is cofinanced by the National Centre of Research & Development.

C-Way will be completed and market-ready in September 2013.


  • a multiplatform 2D engine for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, PS Vita, PC, Mac and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8)
  • divided into modules: base, physics, graphics, sound&music, AI, networking
  • utilizing unique console capabilities (e.g. N3DS’ 3D effect or Vita’s back touchscreen)
  • soft body dynamics, 'rag doll’ physics, dynamic lightning, fluid mechanics and more


  • 1 tool set for 10+ devices
  • shared resources within one project
  • simple editors, user-friendly interface, NO programming skills required
  • templates: platformer, racer, JRPG, hack’n’slash, …

Networking, MMO, social interactions

  • interaction between different devices, e.g. iOS vs PC vs Android
  • unified system of rewards, achievements and records
  • connected to Facebook, Google+, and other


We call for bids regarding C-Way. To know more, click here.


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